How to create an image album?

  1. Login or register a new account
  2. Go to the “Create a Bingo Album” tab
  3. Drag and drop or upload images. Make sure to upload the minimal amount for a bingo game.
  4. Choose whether you’d like the album to be public or private*.
    1. Public albums are subject to review and approval by the Polybingo team
  5. Give the Album a name
  6. Click on the “Save” button.

How to create a game?

  1. Choose whether you’d like to create the bingo game from the public albums  available or from one of your private albums.
  2. Click on the “Make Game” button near the album you’ve selected
  3. Choose the number of prizes that you’d like to distribute during the game.
  4. Give a name to each prize and upload an image of the prize by dragging-and-dropping an image, or uploading it
  5. Select whether you want the users to be approved before joining the game (“private game”) or whether the game is public, and anyone with the game ID will be able to join automatically
  6. Click on the “Start the Game” button to launch the game-setup screen

Invite Players

On the game setup screen there will be a number which is the game ID. Send this number to anyone that you’d like to be able join and play the game.

If the game is public, anyone with this game-id will be able to join the game.

If the game is private, there will be an icon at the bottom right/left corner of the screen that will allow you to see, approve or reject players.

Note 1: there is a minimal number of players/tickets that need to participate in order to start the bingo.

Note 2: Make sure you have enough funds in your account’s balance to be able to launch the game. 

Once there are enough players that have joined, click on the Start Bingo button.

Broadcast/Share the game window

Share the game window via Zoom or Google Meet

  1. Create a new Polybingo game
  2. Setup/Schedule the game (“meeting”)
    1. Using Zoom
      1. Create a Zoom meeting and insert the game ID and the link to the Polybingo play page you got from the previous stage into the “Description” section (optional)
    2.  Using Google Meet
      1. On “Google Meet” start a New Meeting
  3. Share the meeting details via WhatApp, email or any other communication method you use with the players. Make sure to share the game details along with the “meeting” link you created.
  4. Before starting the game, go to the meeting you’ve scheduled on Zoom/Google Meet, and share your screen with the Polybingo game.

IMPORTANT: It is recommended that the players will open the Polybingo bingo card on their mobile devices, and the Zoom/Google Meet on another devices, whether on a PC or smart TV


Broadcast using Chromecast option

  1. Make sure you are using either Chrome or Edge browser.
  2. Make sure your TV is a smart TV that can accept media casting or that you have a Chromecast dongle device attached and setup. 
  3. When on the game setup screen (with the game ID number), right click anywhere on the screen
  4. Click on “cast…” (Chrome) or “Cast Media to Device” (Edge)
  5. Select the available source to cast to and click on it.

Run the bingo game

Once you’ve clicked on the “Start Bingo Game” button, the game screen changes to show:

  1. The first picture drawn
  2. The last six images in the game
  3. The prizes, and,
  4. Control buttons

In addition, all the players that were admitted to play the game, have automatically received their bingo boards.

Every time your click on the Next, the center image will change to the next drawn picture.

You can view the last six images on the grid that is on the right side of the screen.

If one (or more) of the players in the crowd shouts “Bingo”, you can check his/her bingo card by clicking on the “Check Bingo” button, entering the player’s ticket number and clicking on the “Check Bingo” button. If there are more than one player claiming to have a “bingo” win, you should check them as well. 

  • Once you click “Continue”, that prize is no longer available.

The game ends once there is a full bingo win.